Tonight, we are young…

So lush has a new product out called “fun”. And every time I think about it, the song “we are young” pops into my head.

The product is similar to modeling clay, and sold in a tube for a reasonable price, I paid $7.something for mine. it comes in Pink, orange, blue, and green (maybe red?) and each color has a unique smell.
it is targeted at kids… so PERFECT for me!
I bought the pink kind, and it smells soft and lovely, the way I feel powder pink should smell.
The lady at lush told me that it is corn starch based… this gives it a good putty consistency and makes it bathtub safe. it makes a bit of a “swirly” effect in the tub water too.
It can be used as bubble bath, body wash, and shampoo, although I don’t really like it as a shampoo in MY hair, it’s probably fine for kids though.
Overall I really enjoyed it, my skin is soft, and it didn’t leave any film in the tub!

:) I’m hoping I get the other colors for Christmas from Santa! ;)

And for your viewing enjoyment (not the “Fun” version, but these guys are amazing…)
We are young

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