Sometimes I wish I had a DVR for my dreams…

So I had a very VIVID very GRAPHIC dream last night that left me feeling very anxious/unsettled. I’m not sure where it came from or why I was dreaming it or why it involved the people it did…

So, I was staying in a hotel in Edmonton. It was an older hotel, and it was near a walmart. So I don’t know what hotel it was as I typically stay in fairly new hotels. The hotel was really nice, and had a modern design even though it was old. And it had a cool staircase that went down to the main lobby where the somewhat ornate front desk was.


To the Left of the front desk, there was a bank of elevators and hallways leading to guest rooms and fitness/pool facilities. to the Right of the front desk was the restaurant/seating area.

I was staying in a very nice suite with 2 beds. My father was sharing the suite with me for some reason. He was sleeping in the room to the right of the suite. And I was in the main left side suite room with the jacuzzi and the bathroom attached. My father played a very little role in this dream, other than just being there.

My best friend and her coworkers were also there. From what I gather, it was some sort of federal government conference or reason I was there.  Although I’m not sure why my mother wouldn’t have been there? Anyway…

My coworkers John & Alex were sharing a room similar to mine a couple floors up.

The first part of my dream, I was attending some kind of meeting or workshop or something. I was taking notes/learning/joking with John & Alex.  My supervisor wasn’t there. And neither were any of my other coworkers.

I got a call on my work cell phone and had to step out of the room.

I don’t know who was calling me (someone higher-up obviously). Basically the person (male) explained to me that there was a serial killer. He was based in Edmonton but would stalk people and get them from other areas of the province and bring them back to Edmonton and torture them and eventually kill them.

They had found a grave with a few bodies in it and were starting up a file, and they needed me to assist. They had me working from the hotel though because they didn’t want to make it look like something was awry because they weren’t sure at this point if the killer had intel or anything.

** Then I woke up for a bit. I had to pee etc. So I thought – hmm that’s a really fucked up dream…**

This time I’m going through the hallway in the basement of the hotel with John & Alex. We’re looking for something but I’m anxious, so I think we’re doing it on the d/l. I’m not sure what we were looking for but we were being quick and quiet. We came to a dead end so we ended up just going back up.

I got a text msg on my personal phone from Vince, my friends boyfriend, asking me if I’d talked to her recently, because he was worried about her. I said no. He said she was supposed to pick him up and she never showed up. He hadn’t heard from her in 2 days (which would NEVER happen) and so he was trying to contact all her friends to see what was up.

I texted her and sent her a BBM but the BBM came up as not sent and I never got an answer to the text.

It got hazy but I ended up talking to Vince again and piecing together that she may actually be with the killer. I told him to come to Edmonton. He could stay in my room.

The lead investigator on the file and I figured out that the killer had my friend (Kandice) and that they  must have known each other. She must have trusted him. It started to really distress me and stress me out because I know Kandice, so they ended up taking me off the file, and taking me off the workshop and making me stay in edmonton but they wanted me to “Relax” and not stress but I wasn’t allowed to leave because I knew about things and because the person who had Kandice might be someone I know or might come after me.

So I spent my time hanging out with John & alex, and still trying to figure out who had Kandice. John & Alex would give me information when they found it out and then we’d follow up on some things that we could.

*** I woke up again thinking, please don’t let me continue this god-awful dream***

Back to the dream. Vince was there and staying in my room. My father was annoyed and being judgmental. Vince had to sleep in my bed with me, but it was king sized so it didn’t matter.

I had a nose bleed. And I noticed there was green vomit on the floor, a bunch of splotches of it. I couldn’t figure out who’s it was – my dad’s or Vinces.

Vince and I had a conversation about something I cant remember what it was, but it was pretty intense.

It had been 3 days and we still hadn’t heard from Kandice and we still hadn’t heard from the killer other than a couple of tips he called in on himself to mess with us.

I was anxious/scared because it was my friend. Vince was upset, obviously.

The last thing I remember before I woke up was there was an envelope that a bell boy brought to me and the envelope said “look closely, you’ll see” and i opened it and it was a pretty gruesome/horrific picture of a dead body – but I was trying really hard to see past the body.

Then I woke up.

There were more little details to it but I don’t remember them off the time of my head… But yeah. Very creepy.

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  • Hmmm.

    I’m usually pretty good at dream interpretation but I’m afraid I don’t have much to offer here aside from the fact that you may be concerned about someone close to you and that someone you both know may have bad intent towards them.

    It would seem natural that if that were the case, it would mutate into a dream related to work.

    I just went through a series of dreams where I died every night for about three weeks. I ultimately realized that it was somewhat about the fear that this person could kill me, but more about the idea that I would transform and grow from this experience.

    But, as you say — for some reason.. VIVID BAD DREAM is like saying “The Yukon has a lot of snow.”

    1 David McD said this (December 2, 2012 at 7:03 am) Reply

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