What the heck?!

So last night’s dream:

I was staying in the same hotel, but it was either before or after the serial killer thing (see yesterday’s post)… Because there was no sign of it. Also, this time I was alone in my room – and Alex from my work was also staying in the hotel for some reason, but we weren’t working together on something he was up there for something unrelated and played a very minor role in my dream. I just knew that he was there, and I think we’d gone for drinks or dinner one night.

The pool was in the very center of the hotel, and when I looked through the windows of the hallway I could see the pool. It was REALLY big, and quite busy. It also played a very minor role in my dream but it was prominent and I remember looking at it a lot in my dream so I don’t know what that’s about.

I was out with friends, and they were close friends in my dream – but I don’t know who they were (in my life). They were a couple – a man and a woman who had approx 3 children (maybe more, not less). One of the children was about 7 years old and was terminally ill. I was visiting her at her house.

She was talking to me about how she wasn’t afraid to die, and that it was okay because she got to live to be 7 and to meet the people she was supposed to meet and to be able to know that they love her and have them know that she loves them back, because she see’s some kids at the hospital where she goes that can’t even communicate with their parents and she thinks that must be really sad.

She told me that she wished that her family could be happy and have fun around her though – instead of being sad all the time, and that she really hated seeing them all so sad. They should save being sad for when she’s actually gone, and not now because she’s still here and she can still laugh and play and have fun.

She was 7, but she was tiny, like a 3 year old at best.

She found out I was staying at whatever hotel it was I was at (I still don’t know what hotel it was) and she begged her mom & dad to let her go with me because it was the weekend (I had to stay on the weekend for some reason , which NEVER happens unless I’m working) and she really wanted to go.  I must be really good friends with whoever it was because they trusted me to take her.

So we got to the hotel and for some reason we both had crutches? But then I realized I don’t really need them so I left them leaning against the wall by the lobby doors of the hotel. I picked up the little girl (who’s name I don’t remember but I can totally see her face, if I could draw I would draw it. But I can’t draw). And we went inside. I realized then that I’d forgotten my hotel room key in the room. (I did this in my previous dream too… And in my dream I recalled that I’d done that recently/previously). I went to the front desk and there was a strange/busy line up with a lot of men and suitcases and stuff. They let me through though eventually when they noticed I was standing there and they weren’t doing anything except blocking the way.

The girl I got at the front desk was infuriating. I remember being very upset with her but keeping my calm because I had the little girl with me. I said I had forgotten my room key and that I needed my room key. She said okay Can I please have your ID. so I gave her my id, but the first ID card I pulled out was my mom’s ID for some reason, so I put that away and got out my own ID card. The girl was typing and typing and then she goes “oh I see what the problem here is!” And I was like “problem?” and she goes “yeah, you don’t actually have a room here!” and I was like “umm no, I do. I have been here for the last 2 weeks. I’m pretty sure I have a room here” and she goes “nope” and I’m like “um… Pardon me?” and her coworker who noticed my annoyance goes “What seems to be the problem” and I said “I need a new key-card I left mine in my room, and she’s telling me I don’t have a “reservation” here… even though I’ve been here for 2 weeks” and the girl that was helping me goes “yeah, see there’s no reservation for a “Jessica *insert incorrect last name here*” (I can’t remember what the last name was that she was using but it had NOTHING to do with mine. And it wasn’t ANYWHERE on my ID etc.) So I was like “Um, my last name is “C-Y-R” not *insert whatever the wrong one was here*” And she goes “oh, well why didn’t you SAY that?” and I’m like thinking in my head “are you FUCKING kidding me?” but instead I said “um. I gave you my ID, it’s right on my ID “Jessica Mae CYR” and she goes “oh look! It is!” so then she type type types and gives me a key and writes “146″ on it. And I said “um. that’s not my room number” and she goes “yes it is, it says so 146″ and I say “no, again, I’ve been here for awhile now, and I’ve been in room 136, did you move my things?” and she goes “no you’ve always been in 146, see you checked in yesterday” and she shows me the screen and it’s some completely different name, a guy’s name that isn’t even near mine. and I was like “are you kidding? you’re kidding right?” So her coworker again goes “Is there a problem” and I’m like “YES, I just need a room key. My name is Jessica CYR – that girl has my ID, I am in room 136, NOT room 146, I am NOT Jessica *insert whatever last name here* I am NOT *insert dude in 146′s name here*, I have a VERY SICK LITTLE GIRL HERE who just wants to ENJOY some time in my hotel because she’s never really gotten to stay in one, and you’re MAKING THIS VERY DIFFICULT” and the lady goes “oh, dear. there’s no need to shout… room 206 you said?” So I take a deep breath and say “I’d like to speak the the hotel manager please” and the lady goes “no there’s no need for that, we can take care of this here.”  And the little girl I’m holding says “Obviously not.” (LOL high -five little girl!) and I say “right. Manager please” and she goes “oh well. I don’t think that’s necessary” and just as I’m about to grab my stuff and just walk behind the desk and into the managers office, the manager comes out and goes “is there something wrong here” and both the women at the counter go “no sir, nothing’s wrong, everything is GREAT!” and I’m like “NO. There IS something wrong, Everything Is NOT great.” so I explain my situation (calmly) to the manager who gets me a new key (for MY room) and apologizes profusely and ensures that whatever we want over the weekend will be free of charge.

We get to my room. It’s still the double room with 2 beds, so I set her up in the other area with her own bed and her own TV and she askes “can I watch TV? Can I watch whatever I want?! Can I have the remote!” so I let her do that.

I remember falling asleep cuddling her and being really happy.But also really sad because I knew she didn’t have long.

I took her to her parents at a mall type place the following day and she went on an on and on about how much fun she had and all the things we did and her parents thanked me for taking her. And I thanked them for allowing me to take her. And then they left and I was really sad.

Then I met a friend at like a pub, and the bar tender/server was flirting with me but I didn’t quite catch on until it was too late and we were leaving. But he was russian or something, he had an accent and he was joking around with us and stuff.

Then I woke up.


So this dream was less disturbing in that there were no serial killers, but sad because of the little girl. And also strange because the only person I really knew in the dream was Alex… Which is odd.

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  • wow.
    i’m no expert on dreams, but here is my two cents

    1- I think the hotels come up in both dreams because you travel a lot for work so you are used to hotels.

    2- i think in both dreams you are trying to help people-either finding a seria killer or taking care of the girl- do you have a lot of friends going through tough times? your dreams could be trying to tell you that you care about helping people??

    or maybe the little girl symbolizes a part of yourself that needs to be cared for? like you are so overwhelmed with the stresses of life that you forget to have fun and need to be reminded to let go and act like a kid once in a while??


    1 Jenny V said this (December 2, 2012 at 7:14 pm) Reply

  • I’m kinda with Jenny on this. Could it be that hotels feel more like home than home because of your work?

    In both dreams you’re trying to care for other people but ultimately get to stop and care for yourself.

    Whenever I’ve had dreams where I’m caring for a child, I am simultaneously my adult self *and* the child. I’m trying to either take care of my inner child because no one else is — or, I’m trying to care for myself at a particular age when no one else did.

    That’s just what I’ve come to discover in my own dreams. I also know that sometimes I try to make sense of the events in my dreams in very literal ways rather than look at the basics or see the symbolism (e.g., “DUH, it’s not about me being locked out of a hotel room… it’s about me not feeling like I have a place to call my own at work/home, and no one seems to get how important that is to me. *I* don’t even get how important that is to me” or, “Duh, it’s because I had a huge fight with my best friend, and now I feel locked out.”)

    It’s easy to say but try not to stress it all too much. if there’s some lesson to be gained you’ll figure it out all in the right time. Try to take care of yourself in your waking hours.

    2 David McD said this (December 3, 2012 at 1:21 am) Reply

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