Almost a New Year…

This isn’t necessarily a new years entry… but since it’s almost the new year who knows…
I could take some time to reflect on the previous year, I guess. 2012 was a fairly good year overall, but it seems jam-packed and full of stuff.
I don’t know if anyone reads this or if you’re interested in a detailed review or not, but if you are lemme know!

Anyway I have some new goals. I don’t want to call them resolutions because I don’t know that that’s what they are … but yeah…

1. My bloodpressure is really high. It’s been high my whole life, but it’s particularly high right lately. So over the next 2 weeks I’m gonna work on bringing it down a bit and then consistently over the next few months.  I don’t want to have a stroke and die! How will I do this?
-  limit my salt. I won’t eliminate it entirely because I LOVE salt and if I deprive myself of it I’ll end up binging, so moderation it is…
- increase my aerobic activity… this will also help reduce stress/anxiety. I really need to make an effort to do this. Gonna put together some good 45 minute playlists on my iPod and make myself go. Plus when it’s -30 I have Wii fit or the gym. But the doc said “walk OUTSIDE is good for you!… except NOT when it is-30″ lol
- I read an article that said 1 drink per day and 1 oz 70% or darker chocolate per day can help lower blood pressure and be heart-healthy… so I figure that will be a nice evening treat.
- limit my caffeine (this is easy)
- do relaxation/deep breathing/yoga type exercises to help de-stress (doc says so)
- drink 2 large glasses of water with each meal (doc says)

I will implement those changes in stages. Not all at once or I just won’t do it, I know myself!

2. I’d like to say “no” more, to things like excessive overtime, or things I really don’t want to do.

3. I’d like to say “yes” more to trying new/different things.

4. I’d like to go places/see things — I did a lot of that this year, I’d like to continue the trend!

5. I’d like to spend more time with people who matter to me and less time with people who don’t as much.

So there you have it. Just like every year I’m sure 2013 will have it’s ups and downs but I’m going to try to make it a good one :) ! How bout you?

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