Winston Kitty

Today was a very hard day for me..
I’ve been a part of losing the family pet a few times. The first time was with Cody, my best friend’s family dog. He was a big black lab/newfie cross and he was a really cool dog. I remember when he got sick and we all piled into the car (it was never a question that I’d go too) and we went to the vet and waiting for testing. And then the decision was made. And it was terribly sad.

A couple weeks after that we had to put down our family dog. My childhood dog. Spikey, we’d had him since I was 10. It was so hard!

Later, in 2010 our family dog Beau, died of cancer. That one was the hardest on my mom. And now I fully understand why. I mean, I always understood, but now I get it entirely.

And not long ago in late 2012 we said goodbye to Peaches.

So it’s not like I have no experience in the loss of a pet. However, I did not have experience with losing a pet that was my pet. I mean he was shared with Tim (when Tim was there) and he was a part of the family. But he was MY cat. We went to the humane society and *I* picked him. He was attached to me, and loved me unconditionally – even though cats are very conditional. He was my sweet boy. I didn’t have experience needing to be the person who made the decision. Who was in power of this tiny little sweet life.

Winston was an oddball. A goof. He was timid and shy and nervous around people he didn’t know. But once he warmed up to you, he was fine. He loved to play fetch with his stuffed fish. And he loved LOVED loved pipe cleaners. He loved people food. All of it. He ate asparagus, spinach, all kids of meat, cheese, veggies, nuts, candy, etc… He’d eat whatever he could find as long as it was food. I remember once he and Austin found an advil on the ground and they both played with it like it was the coolest toy they’d ever found. I’m surprised he didn’t eat it! I of course picked it up haha. But yeah…

He was loving. And Caring. And intuitive. He knew when I was sad, or when I was in pain. He loved sitting on my lap or my back or my shoulders. He loved being close. He gave headbutts and kisses. And he would always tell me about his day. He was a chatty little boy.

He was a big cat. 16.5 pounds. But he was dainty and sweet. And he was a gorgeous cat. I don’t know anyone that met him and didn’t say he was beautiful. He had chubby little cheeks because he didn’t get neutered till he was 2.

He had crossed eyes and would sometimes have a hard time focusing.  He wasn’t always the brightest crayon in the box, but he was beautiful, so it was okay.

He was only 7.5. Too young. I always expected Austin to get sick first. I was worried Austin would die first, and Winston would be lost. He didn’t do well as an only cat.

I’m starting to get worked up so I’ll end this now. But thank you to Vets to Go, Pet Heaven, and ALL my wonderful friends and family who have been so supportive to me right now.

I love you Winston, I’m glad you didn’t suffer too long, and I’m sorry I wasn’t there right away. You’re a good, good boy.


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  • **hugs*

    1 Nora said this (April 2, 2013 at 2:32 am) Reply

  • huge hugs
    so sorry for your loss.

    2 Jenny V said this (April 2, 2013 at 9:34 am) Reply

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