Consequences – Actions have them!


[kon-si-kwens, -kwuhns] Show IPA


1. the effect, result, or outcome of something occurring earlier: The accident was the consequence of reckless driving.
2. an act or instance of following something as an effect, result, or outcome.
3. the conclusion reached by a line of reasoning; inference.
I attempted to post about this in a Facebook status, but I just didn’t have enough room, and twitter is extremely limited, but I’m pretty sure I got my point across, at least to the one intelligent person in the conversation.
Earlier this morning, @mackenziejea tweeted to @crackmacks the following:
“@crackmacs someone got shot/killed outside crack macs last night and got away on foot”
So I replied to it – because, well read it!
“@crackmacs @mackenziejea the killer got away on foot or the dead guy?”
I’ll give you the play-by-play on twitter and then I’ll go int o my rant about this:
@crackmacs t0 @mackenziejea & I “I’d be awfully impressed if the dead one got away on foot. Even more impressed if they rode a bike”
Me to them: “that’d be “the walking dead: Calgary” id be down with watching that”
@mackenziejea to myself & @crackmacs “you’re talking about someone who had a family who just passed away. talk about no respect you fucking losers.”
Me to @mackenziejea & @crackmacs “did the whole family pass away?”
@mackenziejea to me: “get some respect. This person was someone family, and they’re now gone.”
Crackmacs to mackenziejea & myself “more the fact that we are looking for the levity in a grammatical error. it’s been a bad 24 hours. Lighten up.”
Me to crackmacs & mackenziejea: “exactly. read what you wrote”.
Me to @mackenziejea: “learn to properly speak English” (this was in response to their comment directed at me getting some respect)
Me to @mackenziejea & cracmacs: “was this person an innocent bystander? Or was it targeted? People need to understand that actions have consequences. If you are a drug dealer, or you are involved in gang/criminal activities death is one of those consequences. Yes the waste of a life is sad. But their actions led them to that.”
@mackenziejea to crackmacs & I “nobody deserves to be killed no matter what they’ve done in their life.”
Me to @mackenziejea & @crackmacs “actions have consequences. I didn’t say they deserve to die, but death is a consequence of those actions.”
Me to @mackenziejea & @crackmacs “”
So there you have it… the entire conversation.
Note: @mackenziejea has since deleted the majority of his/her posts to @crackmacs & I. (Which is kind of a lame thing to do, IMO. If you’re going to call someone a “fucking loser” for not respecting a dead person (family?) you should stand by your convictions…)
Anyway. My point… yes I have one.
Consequences. This seems to be something that the younger generations these days do not understand. Mine included. And I’m not super young. I’m 32. But we seem to be a consequence-free society lately. And it’s aggravating. What are we teaching our children?
I’m still unsure of whether that person who was shot was an innocent bystander, or whether the attack was targeted. And regardless of that, it is a sad thing when someone gets shot. It’s a waste of a life. It is heartbreaking for this person’s loved ones. I’m not trying to detract from that. All I am saying is that IF this person was involved in criminal activity, yes it’s sad that they died, but that is a consequence of their actions.
I wasn’t making fun of the fact that the person died. I was simply making light of a grammatical error that @mackenziejea made. It sounded like the dead person got away. It could have been left at that, but then they called me a “fucking loser” so I continued on. Actions. Consequences. If I were the one making those errors, I can guarantee you someone would be making light of them to me as well. And sometimes I do make those errors. Over. And over. And over.  And when that happens, I quit the internet for that day because obviously I’ve had enough.
And now I’m off to visit my friend Doug’s garage sale. Have a great day all. And remember, Actions have consequences.

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