Sweet Dreams…

Night 2 of taking my pill.

I had a pretty good day yesterday… After work I met up with a friend for a couple of beers as it was his birthday. Then went to a friends house for a visit because I hadn’t seen them in ages! :) It was so nice to see them – I miss them, I used to see them ALL the time.

As I was driving home my tummy started to hurt a bit, and I wasn’t feeling super great by the time I got home, but I had taken out ingredients before I left  (to thaw) so I decided I’d make soup anyway. So I made some delicious hamburger soup.

I was pondering NOT taking my ‘sleeping pill’ last night because of how I was already feeling, but then I remembered the doctor said I have to take it EVERY day and I figured skipping it already on day 2 probably wasn’t a wise choice. I also had a flash back to what the pharmacist told me “if you get nauseous, take it with food”. Right. Food. I forgot about that. So I decided to have a cup of my soup and take my pill.

I was watching TV and fell asleep, so when I woke up an hour or so later I turned off the TV and went to the bathroom and came back to bed.

I woke up about 2 hours later at 3:30 am and got up – slowly – and went to the bathroom again (god I pee a lot!) Then laid down in bed and I had the worst cramps EVER. *TMI* like period cramps, but I’m not on my period. But I felt like what it must feel like to be in labor. Not that I know what that feels like, but yeah. It was brutal. My stomach was ok, but those cramps were awful. So I took an advil and went back to bed. The advil took about 20 minutes to kick-in.

I woke up again at 8:30 am. I was having a strange dream – but I don’t remember what it was about. I meant to write it down, because I meant to stay awake at that point, but then I was thinking about some stuff and ended up falling asleep again.

I had 3 bizarre dreams, and I’m not sure if they were all inter-connected or not.

1) I was in a town (not vegas, but not calgary) with Kim, Paula, and Kim S and we were at a condo with a bunch of guys (one of them was Kim S’s brother). So Kim S’s brother and I went to get groceries, and I whipped up dinner for everyone. I had somewhere to go though, so I cooked dinner and left it there and ran off. I don’t know where I went, but it flashed to me coming back and Kim was all sad because her steak was under-cooked (but I had made one well-done for her and thought I’d given her the right one) But everyone else was all raving about my cooking and the guys were being typical guys.

2) we were still in the same place, and we had a singing audition, and so Kim and I were wandering around making our way to the audition, and I got pulled aside by some circus type guy who put me on this “Ride” thing that was a plane, but like on a zip line, so I eneded up way at the other end. I waited for kim to get there and then we had to stand in line to return the plane (which ended up being inflateable) and while in line this little tiny woman kept running into me and trying to hurt me. And I was like “WTF?” And she was like “you’re my competition and I hate you” so she kept like kicking the backs of my knees and stuff. So I wacked her on the head but she passed out. So I picked her up, kim and I left the inflateable plane there, and we went to the place where our audition was. And I left the little tiny woman in a bathroom, and poked her a few times to wake her up, she came to but she was really out of it. So we left her there.
I sang Drive-By, by Train (Not sure why) and there was like theatrics and stuff and I  made it through to the next round. And Kim sang a Celine Dion song, but the dream ended before I know how she did.

3) I was in Vegas for a convention of some sort, but my parents were there too so we just all got a basic suite and shared it. My coworker Shannon and her husband were there and so was my coworker Sharon. My parents and I were staying at the Excalibur for some reason while everyone else was at NY NY and the Luxor. So I had come back from a conference and was heading up to the room and my mom and I were just talking and I was like “yeah I still need to book my flights to come back here” and so on and so forth. And she goes “Well I’m going to give you some money and hopefully that will help you” and I was like “what mom? no you don’t have to do that” and she was like “no really I won the jackpot today on a slot machine, and I have lots.” So I was like “What? how much did you win?” She’s like I don’t really know. It was all a blur. But I have like 500,000 I think here” but it was odd because it was in chips and mastercards.But yeah she ended up having like 5 or 6 hundred thousand but she’d won a million (they take some for taxes) so I had to explain the tax procedure to her and what she had to do and that I ‘d talk to Shannon and see what her accountant does and in a year she gets the rest of the million. I said “why aren’t you in like a luxury condo?” and she said because she didn’t want my father to know how much she won so the excalibur is just going to comp this room and she’ll just tell him she won a couple thousand. LOL

So she gave me a Mastercard worth 10K and said she’d pay off what I owe to her and my father – but tell my father I was still paying on it. And then she said she would pay off my car too so that I was free and clear of that.

I said “awesome thanks mom you really don’t have to do this. but this is great now I just need to get cash for gambling and tips and stuff and august will be great” And she said “oh the MC won’t work?” and I said “yeah but it’s like $14 to take money off of it after all the bank fees and stuff but i’ll just take it out of my bank account” and she said no no and gave me $3K in chips to cash in. I said no mom I only need like 3 hundred, and she said “I know, but take it”

Then she told me she was going to pay off the house and the trailer with the rest of it and not tell my dad. And then she was just going to put their  mortgage and loan and other payments into savings for their retirements and when the other money came back next year she was going to put that into savings and then when my dad retired she’d tell him and they’d both retire and be finanically okay with their pensions and that savings.

So I was going online to book my tickets to go to Veags in August, and I woke up. LOL

So I slept about 11 hours overall last night. from about 12-12 but I was awake for about an hour with those cramps. And now I should probably get out of bed and go do something productive considering it’s almost 1pm…

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