Oh hey so THAT is what THAT feels like!?

Yeah. I slept again last night. I was skeptical, because I wasn’t overly tired when I took my pill, and then an hour and a half later I still wasn’t really tired, but I decided to lay still for a few minutes and try to sleep. And lo and behold, I fell asleep…. for half an hour. LOL! I woke up a bit disoriented and bolted out of bed and regretted it immediately, because I was a bit dizzy. I regained my bearings and checked the clock. “11:00 pm” What? 11:00? My brain was trying to do the math. “but. I JUST fell asleep, and I’m SO TIRED” the culprit was that I had to pee. Keeping in mind that the only thing I had to drink before that since 7pm was a small 3oz cup of water to take the pills with. So I went pee (story of my life) and stumbled back to bed.

I woke up at 2 ish AM as well. I can’t remember exactly. I know I woke up though. I was DRENCHED in sweat. the bed was soaked too. I seem to recall this happening the night before as well but I don’t 100% remember, and in the morning yesterday I wasn’t drenched in sweat, so I dunno. But yeah, thought it odd, then went back to sleep.

I was having some fairly vivid dreams but again I don’t exactly remember what they were about. One was about Shawn calling. And I think that’s just because I was thinking last night how much I miss hearing his voice. (we don’t talk a whole lot on the phone lately especially because he’s been so busy/stressed).

I woke up at 5am when my alarm went off and scared the living daylights out of me. I think I actually lifted entirely off the bed. (okay, maybe not…).  I could have slept for awhile longer for sure, but had to get up at 5 this morning because Mom is driving me to work and I needed the extra time to get ready because she leaves fairly early usually.

I was drenched in sweat again when I woke up. that must be a side-effect. How attractive. Either that or I’m fighting something right now, which isn’t surprising considering my mother has a cold right now and my body is probably like “No. I will not be catching that, but thanks anyway….”

So there you have it.

I haven’t been keeping up entirely with my 5 Things , but I wrote 5 this morning for some thankfulness on a Monday Morning. Another thing I’m thankful for? That it’s a short week for me this week. (It’s my Friday off!)

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